Versatile Blogger Award ✌🏻️

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since i’ve posted anything i know 😔. Sorry!! I was so busy at work and my laptop broke. Anyway, I’m going to be more active from now on, in order to keep you all updated. I have a lot to share with you ( news, products,projects…), and it’s going to be on the next blog posts for sure!!

Now, i’m glad once again to announce that i’ve received the Versatile Blogger Award by Emma, whom i want to thank a lot for nominating me. You’re amazing !

Now, the rules :

A) Thank the person that has nominated you & include a link to their blog.
B) Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
C) Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
D) Share seven different facts about yourself.

So first, my nominees are :

Coffee with zoe

Theses shy lover

Ashley dianne beauty

Beth beautyx












Now i will share 7 facts about me :

1- I like eating chocolate like everyday

2- I started wearing make up when i was in my last year of college

3- I don’t like making plans

4- My sister is my bestfriend

5-I have a collection of nail polishes

6- Besides being a blogger, i’m working in long term car rental multinational

7- I love kids

Well well ! that’s all what i wanted to share with you right now. I will blog more often now since i have many announcements and projects.

Hope you liked this post guys ! See you in a new one soon.

Cosmic J








Hi everyone !

How are you all doing ?

This is a quick post on the outfit i’m loving today!

Since it’s starting to get hot in Casablanca, it’s the outfit to wear.

Outfit details right here :

Top and leggings : @terranovastyle 

Shoes : @paylessshoesource 

Bag : @parfois_ 

Well, i hope you’ll like it and i’ll try to post more OOTD this week. 

Be sure to like my facebook page (link below). 

Cosmic J

1 2 3…Breakouts Free

Hi everyone !

it’s been a long time since i’ve blogged here but i have my reasons. I’m working on different projects and one of them is writing articles for Shopperlottie.

It’s a digital magazine created by and contributed to by bloggers.

I was really excited to start this journey with them and i can feel more motivated to pursue a blogging career.

So without delay, here’s my first article. I hope you’ll enjoy it !

I’ll put the link, if you want to check it on the website : 1 2 3 Breakouts Free

x      x     x

Hello Everyone,

I know that like the majority of girls have a breakouts problems. It’s mainly caused by an Junk food, stress (work or school), period or an unhealthy skin.

I’m working 8 to 9 hours a day and sometimes i only want to crash on bed with my makeup on or use wipes without cleaning my face afterwards. Then i started to have breakouts a bit often than usual

So today, i’m going to share my routine which until now really helped me reduce my breakouts.

I only need 3 steps to do that :

1- Remove IMG_2541my make up :

For that, i use my NaturGreen virgin cococut oil. Just a small aIMG_2540mout can remove all the make up, even if it’s waterproof. After massaging my face, i clean it with a warm towel.

2-Cleansing :

Cleansing is a major step for a clear skin. It helps breaking down the make-up and getting rid any residues that can clog the pores. Don’t forget to get a cleanser that suits your skin type.

IMG_2543In my case, i use Clinique liquid facial soap extra-mild and it worked wonders for my skin. I don’t need to scrub hard, i just tend to distribute the product on the zones i need to be cleaned and then rinse it several times with lukewarm water.

3-Toning & moisturizing :

Now the last steps ! After cleansing my skin, i tone it with my Byphasse Face soft toner loti
on which had rosewater and is alcohol free. So, it’s is totally gentle on the skin.

After that, my skin is ready to get hydrated. I take a small amount of my coconut oil and i warm it in my palms and then i spread it all over my face. As i read recently on, Coconut oil has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. oil kills germs and bacteria and it has for skin acne a regenerating and clarifying properties.

That was my routine for a clear skin. I hope you liked it !

You can find me on Instagram & Twitter.

See you !

Cosmic J

Premio Dardos Award !


Hi everyone !!

I’m glad to annonce that i won the Premio Dardos Award !

Thanks to eliaprincess for nominating me. I really appreciate it because this award is given in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

So it makes me happy and full of joy to be awarded the Premio Dardos.

Time to set the rules:

1. When you accept the award given please post it on your blog along with the name of of the person that has granted the award and link to his or her blog.

2. Include the image of the “Premios Dardos” in the post

3. Pass the award onto another 15 wonderful blogs worthy of this acknowledgement.

Now, i’m going to nominate 15 blogs for this Award : 

I will end this post by thanking once again Eliaprincess for this award and i hope i’ll always live up to my readers’ expectations.

See you in a new post !

Cosmic J 



I won the Liebster Award !! *O*

Hello Guys !!

I’m happy to annouce to you that i got the Liebster award last month by Alichatblog. She’s an amazing blogger and i want to thank her once again for this. Go and check her blog, i’m sure you’ll like it !


Anyway, let’s start answering her questions !

-How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for like 4 months now. I’ve always wanted to do it but i didn’t have time before nore inspiration. After i’ve been travelling for 4 weeks, the idea of sharing wihat i love with people came again to my mind. So that’s how i started.

-What is the meaning behind your blogs name?

Oh, that’s a tough one ! Haha ! Well, i chose Cosmic Beauty Voyage, because i needed to have a name that sounds magical, inspiring, and  catchy.

-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Getting all my personal and career goals done

-If you weren’t blogging what would you be doing? (Either for a career or hobby)

I’m already working full time in a multionational for long term car rental. I’ve always loved cars so I guess i would still be working in this field.

-Link to your favorite post from your own blog!

My “Yes to Holidays part 1” is my favorite so far

Here’s the link : Yes to Holidays part one

-What is your favorite movie?

I’ll say the Avengers ! I can watch it like twice a week and never get enough of it !

-Tea or coffee?

Tea for sure ! These days i’m drinking the Clipper Earl grey bio tea and i’m feeling really great.

-Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Ugh…definitely a night owl! i’m crying every morning when my alarm goes on haha !

-Who/what inspires you?

Michelle Phan. I watched her videos from when she started until now and all i can say is that she’s a hardworker and my inspiration.

-What is your must-have app?

Instagram !

-What social media platform is your favorite? Link to your profile!

Instagram is my favorite. Here’s my profile Cosmic__J

Okay now that i finished answering the questions, i’ll be nominating 11 Bloggers, so here they are :




Glitter and Lust

J’adore Beauty

Ashely dianne beauty


Beth Beauty x

Emma nicole beauty

Brittany Colleen Macmillan

Charlenes Parkles Beauty

Now, here’s the 11 questions to answer :

1- What’s your blogging purpose  ?

2- Who’s your favorite blogger ?

3- Which brand describes you the most ?

4- Books or movies ? why ?

5- What’s your most favorite app on your phone ?

6- Sugary or Salty meals ?

7- Do you have a dream job and what is it ?

8- Winter or Summer ?

9- Classy or Casual ?

10- What’s your next vacation destination ?

11- Can you describe yourself in 3 words ?

Voila ! I really enjoyed doing this, even if i was a bit late ( really busy at work sorry ! ), and i hope the nominated will feel so too ! Tag me in your posts so i can read your answers.

See you in a new post soon !

Cosmic J 


Yes to Holidays ! ( Part two )

Hi guys !

Sorry for posting this so late but i got a bit busy at work these two months. So now, I’m back with the Yes to Holidays part two. Which will be about all the stuff i bought during my 4 weeks of vacations.

I will start with Jewelery :

20150823_174003 - Copie 20150823_173932 - Copie

20150823_174043 - Copie

I got these the ones on the first two pictures at Meknes. The bracelets are basically handcrafted and some of them got the Hamsa hand, which means you’re protected from evil eye. Now about the necklace, i got it from a gift shop in the city of Azrou and it’s made of a fossil found in the outskirts (Check my post Yes to Holidays part one if you want to discover these cities)

Next, these handbags in yellow and green :

I couldn’t resist them at all ! Haha !

The yellow ones are in 3 shapes as you can see below.

20150823_173832 - Copie    20150823_173807 - Copie

Souvenirs ( and food xD ) : 

When i’m travelling, i always have to get souvenirs for myself and my friends/family.

Keychains, a camel mug, Verity rose notebooks and pen and of course chocolate!

20150823_174114 - Copie    20150823_174203 - Copie

20150823_174304 - Copie    20150823_174347 - Copie 

20150823_175318    20150823_174912


I didn’t forget to get some things related to make up and skincare…

20150823_174831 - Copie

Byphasse micellar water :I’m using it everyday for my night routine and i love it ! It’s alcohol and soap free so don’t worry !

20150823_174809 - Copie 

Elexir de beauté by Institut karité : It’s a 50% shea oil. I started using it like a month ago and i feel like my skin is much more nourished day by day. I must confirm that it’s not greasy at all and it’s for face, body and hair.

20150823_174726 - Copie A serum by Clarins : It’s the Blue orchid face treatment oil for dehydrated skin. I’m using either before my night cream or mixing some few drops with it and tap it on my face.

So this was a short post on what i bought when i was on vacations. I hope you’ll like it !! 

You can find me on instagram (Cosmic J), Twitter (Jihane @jiijii_rose) and Pinterest (CosmicJRose). 

Stay tuned for my Liebster Award Post !! See you ! 

Cosmic J 

Liebster Award !

Hi everyone !

I hope you’re all doing great !
I just wanted to share with you the fact that i won the Liebster Award two days ago, thanks to Alichatblog. (Go and check her blog cuz she’s awesome !)
It made me really happy and gave me some more motivation to continue what i already started.

Anyway, I will write a full post with more details this week so stay tuned ! ☆☆


Cosmic J